How Do You Manage Online Reviews?

If you are like most brands when a customer reviews your product on Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, or any other website you receive an email that your team may or may not have the opportunity to respond to.  

The issue is the longer you wait, the more likely your customer is to engage your customer service channels or just return your product all together. Lowering your profitability and placing future sales at risk as the review may not represent your product and brand correctly.  

So how do you deal with this?

DreamCSX has built a proprietary end-to-end Online Review solution for brands just like yours. Using cutting edge monitoring software we are able to be alerted of a review the moment it occurs.  This allows us to engage your customer immediately and acknowledge their kudos or begin de-escalation for negative reviews. Show your existing and pending customers your brand is engaged and there to help.

why Wouldn't I Monitor this myself?

This is the most common comment we hear and the answer is simple. You can, but most brands we meet do not have the time to handle this while also trying to run their business.  Our solution is plug and play with trained customer services representatives and provides insight from your reviews that you have never seen before.

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