your global team can be your greatest strength or weakness, which is yours?

As companies open new offices most simply replicate their home office and go. The problem is these locations are islands with little to no connectivity to your home office. This lack of connectivity and centralization poses huge risks for your business and lowers the opportunity to leverage your larger workforce.

To combat this DreamCSX offers its Global Umbrella which provides organizations like yours access to our global communications and data infrastructure in one simple package. The Global Umbrella provides your team with:

  • Omni-Channel Global Routing
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Webchat
    • SMS / Text
    • Social Media
    • Video
  • Custom Customer Service Agent Interface
  • Case Management Software
  • Telecom and Routing
  • And so much more...

If your team is ready for complete visibility, centralized communications and data, and endless scalability on a global scale it is time for you to come under the DreamCSX Global Umbrella!