Everywhere you look companies are talking about their Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects.  From chat bots to IVR technology, companies keep focusing on the removal of humans.

At DreamCSX we are taking a very different approach to AI as we can see that removal of the human element often leads to failure.    

With this in mind we plugged our AI system into every facet of our customer experience solutions to begin the maturation process and build out products that empower humans to provide pure Dream Customer Experience solutions.

behavioral based routing (bbr)

As much as we avoid it people still want to interact with other people eventually, and we want to make sure your brand is ready for when high-quality human interaction is needed on every channel! 

We are consumers just like you and want an incredible support experience when we reach out for help through any channel. From video and social media support, to traditional phone and web chat, our team is where your customers are.

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